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In 2005, when Bree McGowan was heading off to college, her father asked her if she would be interested in starting her own business in real estate. That one question changed the trajectory of her life, forever. Raised by successful entrepreneurs herself, she knew building a real estate career would give her time to give back to the community, an avenue to build long lasting friendships with each of her clients and flexibility to build a family.

After helping clients make dreams come true for years and flipping homes with her husband, they decided to take a year off to travel the country in an RV. They sold everything they owned in Dallas and set off on an adventure of a lifetime in search of a new place to call home when they were done. After almost 100,000 miles, many trips around the US and a total of 3 glorious years later, they decided there wasn’t a better place to live than “Everybody’s Hometown,” Prescott, AZ. It was the perfect place to rebuild community for their family and cultivate new friendships.

When she’s not working hard to keep up with the latest market statistics, connecting with clients and helping dreams come true, she’s hiking mountains with her family and making lasting memories. Family values are one of the most important things to her, so as you start your new life in Prescott, have life changes that bring new beginnings in a new home, or challenges that bring opportunity to sell, she’ll be there for you every step of the way, so you and your family are well taken care of.

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Address: 102 W Gurley St
Prescott, AZ 86301
Direct Line: 469-258-5667
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